Five Reasons You Should Sell With Us

First National Real Estate can help you sell your home quickly for the best possible price. Here are some tips that have proven to be invaluable to the successful home seller. Looking to sell?
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1. No Advertising Fees We offer a no sale - no charge policy. Regardless of whether you sell or not - you do not pay advertising fees. This does not mean that your property is not advertised. We provide you with a comprehensive marketing schedule before you list with us. This schedule includes "For Sale" boards, newspapaer and internet advertising, professional photography and property brochures.

2. Inspections by Appointment There is no need for every Tom, Dick, Harry or thief to see your home. Open houses may result in security risks, inconvenience and lower prices. Ensure only qualified buyers see your home.

3. Private Sale Specialists Why go through the risk, expense and stress of an Auction. Private Selling is preferred by the majority of sellers and purchasers.

4. No underquoting to prospective Purchasers Underquoting attracts the wrong priced buyers to your home, resulting in low offers. We guarantee to inspect your property with prospective purchasers who have the financial capacity to pay your price. Great negotiators never under quote any thing.

5. Internet Advertising Your property will be advertised on the following websites - (Exclusive Agrent Showcase)

Pricing your home to sell

When selling your home, one of the hardest things can be deciding on the price. You've called me in as an expert to sell your home and price it so it will sell. We're truly dedicated to gaining you the most money you can receive from that sale. In addition, we recognise there are many reasons why you already have a certain price in mind. You may be considering...

  • Your Original Purchase Price - Chances are you paid market value. But markets change and today we have to deal with the current market conditions which may have changed significantly.
  • Improvements - Should be made for enjoyment not for resale. You cannot add an item to a home, select it to your style, use it, then expect a buyer to pay the original cost. Likewise, maintenance preserves the value, but does not create value. If you needed a new roof, it was needed as a maintenance requirement and cannot be added to the market price of your home.
  • Your Need for Money - Your need for money of the fact that you are moving to a more expensive area where you will have to pay more for a home has nothing to do with the homes current market value.
  • The Cost Attachment to the Property
  • Your Personal Attachment to the Property

These factors above may influence the price in your mind; but as you can see, they really have nothing to do with what your home is actually worth on today's market.


Pricing Your Home

Let us share with you what overpricing can do to the eventual sale price you receive for your home....

You will lose the excitement that a new listing generates. Agents are working with buyers who have seen what is currently on the market and are waiting for something new to be listed. Therefore, the most activity will take place in the first thirty days of a listing. Your home will probably receive its highest and best offers during this time. After that initial period, the only people who come to look at your home will be new buyers in the marketplace.

You will lose the most qualified prospects! Buyers will not just "make an offer" because they probably will never see your property. They will view the properties that are priced within their purchase power range, knowing that they cannot afford anything above their price range.

Overpricing helps sell other, more competitively priced homes first. Your home may be used to demonstrate the good value of other properties. Your objective should be to enter the market in a position that will atract prospects, not drive them away.

Your home may become stale on the market. Prospects may wonder why it has been on the market so long or if something is wrong with the property, even after you lower the price. You may even have to settle for less than market value. A house takes on a reputation suprisingly fast, so dont wear out your welcome on the market.

You lose a strong negotiating position when you house is on the market a long time, both financially and mentally. Prospects will not "rush" to make an offer on an overpriced property and you may feel compelled to accept less when they finally do.

If you do get an offer, the contract may fall through because of appraisal problems. The lender must justify the price to the market.

As you can see pricing your home correctly will make a tremendous difference in how fast it sells and for how much we make it our business to know the market and price our clent's homes to sell for the most moeny in the least amount of time - and we are good at it. Just ask our past clients.


Our Commitment to You

Today, you make a choice. While we meet to discuss the sale of your home, you'll have to choose whether to trust us with the sale of the single most important asset you own. In the attached information and in our marketing presentation, we will provide you with enough information about the market, our qualifications and our marketing program for you to make an informed decision about who will best represent you in this important business transaction.

Results - thats what we promise you. Our objective is to provide you with accurate and timely information about the real estate market in our area so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding the sale of your property. We will tell you what you must hear and not what we think you may want to hear about the market and the value of your property. We acknowledge that we may periodically loose business because we are truthful with clients in this regard, while some of our colleagues will tell you what you want to hear to temporarily get your business. But we will absolutely substantiate all of our recommendations and conclusions with factual data.

Ultimately, it may be that you will also want to get an opinion from another agent, and thats fine. However, you should know that all agents have access to the same information. Therefore, the determination of your home's value should be nearly the same. Remember, no agent can affect market conditions. If an agent suggests that you can sell your property for other than what the market indicates, it is a disservice to you, only prolonging the sales process and, according to statistics, resulting in a lower net proceeds amount.

Select your Real Estate Agent based on experience and results. While past performance is not necessarily an indication of future success, what else can you go by? If you truly want to sell your home, you must be willing to sell it for what the market will bear. If you are not willing, that is perfectly okay; and perhaps we can help you in the future when, and if, the market changes in your favour. But if you want to sell now, no one will provide you with more candid feedback and factual information. In addition, we will thoroughly explain our marketing program to you and provide factual data on how it has worked for others in the past. We will also gladly provide factual data on how it has worked for others in the past. We will also gladly provide you with names of several individuals with whom we have recently worked, so that you can discuss our credentials with someone who has first-hand knowledge of the way we work.

This is our commitment to you. As professionals in every sense of the word, we will provide the best possible service available so that your goals are met in the shortest time frame. Our goal is to meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them to accommodate your real estate needs.

First Impressions Are Lasting

From the moment prospects arrive at your home, it should
be evident that the gardens and lawns are well presented.
Garden rubbish should be disposed of and paths and
porches kept clear of debris. Toys, sporting equipment
and garden tools should be stored away to enhance the
appearance of your backyard and garden.

Repairs Can Make A Big Difference

Repairs Can Make A Big Difference
Make sure that all minor repairs are completed. Sticking
doors and windows, loose doorknobs, faulty plumbing,
peeling paint or faulty flywire may affect your sale.

Let The Sun Shine In

It is imperative to let plenty of light into your home.
Nothing improves atmosphere more than brightness.
On a dull day it is advisable to switch lights on prior
to the arrival of prospective purchasers.

Make Them Comfortable

A warm, comfortably heated home on cold days adds
a feeling of cosiness. On a hot day don’t forget to turn
on the air conditioning or fan (or simply let the breeze
flow through).

Music In The Air And Pets Underfoot

As a general rule, it is advisable to turn off the radio and
television during an inspection (as they can be distracting).
If you have pets, it is advisable to keep them out of the
house. Let the First National Real Estate agent and
potential buyer talk, free of disturbances.


Appraisals usually don't take longer than 30 minutes and we will appraise your property with no obligation whatsoever!

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