33 Websters Road, Templestowe May 2020

We first met Tina Wu about three years before we eventually sold our house.
Initially, Tina knocked on our door and introduced herself to us as a Real Estate Agent who specialised in house sales in our area.  We advised that we had no plans to sell at that point in time.  Tina thanked us for our time and left.
About twelve to eighteen months later Tina again approached us to see whether our plans had changed.  We advised her they hadn't, and she again left without being overly pushy.  However, during these initial meetings Tina established that she seemed very knowledgeable and experienced with the property market in our area.  At no point did she overdo the sales pitch to obtain our services.  She has a genuine interest in getting to know prospective sellers and building long term relationships.
In mid-2019 we decided we would consider selling our property if we could obtain a favourable price.  We contacted Tina and arranged to meet.  We didn't consider using other Real Estate Agents even though we had been approached by several.  We had determined that we liked Tina's no-nonsense style and with the sales approach taken by the Bill Schlink team.  We had confidence in her ability to sell our home as we had built a rapport with her over the preceding years.
At our first meeting to discuss property valuations and a marketing strategy Tina made it clear that if we were going to maximize the value of our home we would need to carry out some repairs and maintenance so we could present the property in the best condition possible.  She was able to advise what things we should do, and what was not important to the ultimate value of our home.  She also recommended some excellent tradespeople to assist with elements of our work.
In January 2020, we put the property on the market.  Initially, we advertised the property at a higher price than was Tina's recommended price.  We believed our property was special so we would try our luck at a higher price.  After six weeks, and with the impact of the COVID-19 situation, we realised our price expectations were not in line with current market conditions, so modified our asking price to Tina's recommended range.
Eight weeks after the property first went on the market, we sold our much loved home.  Tina's price valuation proved remarkably accurate.
Through the entire marketing process Tina and the team at Bill Schlink were extremely professional and in tune with existing market conditions.  They also gave plenty of advice how to maximise our property's potential.
We are extremely grateful to Tina, Eddie and Isaac for the effort they provided in helping us achieve an excellent result.
We would thoroughly recommend Tina and the team at Bill Schlink to any prospective sellers.
Maureen & Trevor
33 Websters Road, Templestowe