Botanic Drive, Doncaster

2nd May, 2019
Bill Schlink Real Estate
I met Tina Wu a few years ago, when she was working in the neighbourhood of Doncaster.  She impressed me with her knowledge of the market and her sales record.  She came across as a very hardworking and an honest person.  I met her on a few other occasions and each time she took the time to appraise my property as well as to update me on the current real estate market.  Similarly I met other property agents but Tina stood out for being sincere and caring about my personal circumstance.
I decided to sell my investment property in October last year, my decision on real estate agent was an easy one.  Tina was professional at all times and the advice she gave me was right for the current market.  I had the confidence that she will work hard and use varied strategies to get me the best price possible.
Tina was transparent through the whole process.  She gave me regular feedback on inspections and changes in the market.  She guided me but respected my decisions at every stage.  She was very respectful and considerate of my tenant and all inspections were done efficiently with as little inconvenience to the tenant as possible.
Her persistence, determination and commitment achieved a good outcome inspite of the depressed market.
I am grateful to Tina for the outcome that was achieved.
Disha Hayes