Burge Court, Doncaster East

17th October, 2019
Testimonial for Tina Wu and Bill Schlink Team
To Whom It May Concern
Selling and buying a home is a big deal and it is important that we are confident in the person who is representing us.
Since beginning of this year, my husband and I wanted to sell our property at 11 Burge Court, Doncaster East.  We were very exhausted as facing a lot of challenges and poor market response.
After many unsuccessful attempts, we recently decided to engage Tina Wu, and her team at Bill Schlink.  Within 2 months period, they have shown us some great results.  We both are extremely impressed and grateful for all their effort and extra miles they had put in to achieve such a great success.
Tina is a very professional, and she thoroughly understands the various aspects of the real estate market, such as property value, marketing, legal issues and has excellent people skills.
She shows extraordinary dedication to our interest by tirelessly working to ensure we found a good buyer that we were truly satisfied with, even though it means additional work for her. She always makes sure we understand the entire process and procedures.
Moreover, she is like part of our family member, a great sister and always supporting us sincerely with all the great advice and guidance in many aspects, and not just focusing on selling our property.  She always keeps us updated with everything we needed to know and is always ready to offer professional and personal advices.
Tina is absolutely an exceptional realtor who places professionalism and customer satisfaction as our highest priority.  We would strongly recommend Tina and their support team to anyone as the preferred seller's representative.
Thank you very much and all the best to Tina and Bill Schlink Team!
Yours sincerely
Patricia & Chee Chong