Christopher & Antoneith from Doncaster East

March 2018 
To Whom It May Concern, 
We recently sold our home in Doncaster East through Bill Schlink First National.We were particular happy with the professional guidance provided by Ashley Collins and highly recommend him to anyone considering buying or selling a home in the area.
Before going with Ashley we went with one of the largest and best known real estate agents in the area for one month. From the start it was like we were dealing with used car sales people. We never felt they are on our side or were on the level with us. They made lots of promises with regard to having buyers on their books, but failed to deliver. After one month we only had a few people actually inspect the home. We suspect they were more interested in encouraging us to go with their auction package and were not really interested in selling our home privately.
The difference with Ashley was apparent from day one. Everything was explained intelligently, honestly and he and his team did everything they said they would. They were professional and well organised we really felt that Ashley and the team were on our side. We ended up achieving the sales price we were after.
The experience with Ashley and the team at Bill Schlink First National was very positive. 
Christopher A Bennetts
Antoneith D Bennetts


Ashley Collins(B.Bus Mktg)
Senior Property Consultant