Our Commitment to You

Today, you make a choice. While we meet to discuss the sale of your home, you'll have to choose whether to trust us with the sale of the single most important asset you own. In the attached information and in our marketing presentation, we will provide you with enough information about the market, our qualifications and our marketing program for you to make an informed decision about who will best represent you in this important business transaction.

Results - thats what we promise you. Our objective is to provide you with accurate and timely information about the real estate market in our area so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding the sale of your property. We will tell you what you must hear and not what we think you may want to hear about the market and the value of your property. We acknowledge that we may periodically loose business because we are truthful with clients in this regard, while some of our colleagues will tell you what you want to hear to temporarily get your business. But we will absolutely substantiate all of our recommendations and conclusions with factual data.

Ultimately, it may be that you will also want to get an opinion from another agent, and thats fine. However, you should know that all agents have access to the same information. Therefore, the determination of your home's value should be nearly the same. Remember, no agent can affect market conditions. If an agent suggests that you can sell your property for other than what the market indicates, it is a disservice to you, only prolonging the sales process and, according to statistics, resulting in a lower net proceeds amount.

Select your Real Estate Agent based on experience and results. While past performance is not necessarily an indication of future success, what else can you go by? If you truly want to sell your home, you must be willing to sell it for what the market will bear. If you are not willing, that is perfectly okay; and perhaps we can help you in the future when, and if, the market changes in your favour. But if you want to sell now, no one will provide you with more candid feedback and factual information. In addition, we will thoroughly explain our marketing program to you and provide factual data on how it has worked for others in the past. We will also gladly provide factual data on how it has worked for others in the past. We will also gladly provide you with names of several individuals with whom we have recently worked, so that you can discuss our credentials with someone who has first-hand knowledge of the way we work.

This is our commitment to you. As professionals in every sense of the word, we will provide the best possible service available so that your goals are met in the shortest time frame. Our goal is to meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them to accommodate your real estate needs.