Williamsons Road Templestowe - May 2020

In mid 2019, I was searching for the desired property for my finace Kristy and me to live in with specific set of criteria.  After attending many open inspections around Doncaster area, I found it very disappointing to see many properties either not matching the conditions as shown in their advertisements or built with poor quality materials and layouts.  It was also frustrating to receive all these standard robot calls from property sales agents after open inspections who they did not have the intention to understand what I really want.  Once they realised that I was not an interested buyer, they would disappear without a trace.  Maybe they did care but I just wasn't feeling confident with their approach or attitude.
Just when I was about to give up looking for a home and switched to finding investment properties instead, I was being introduced to Tina Wu.  I immediately found her very approachable and she paid attention of my requirements.  I know she gets it.  Tina then personally picked me up with her car and drove me around the suburbs to see multiple properties.  We chatted and talked about our interests like an old friend, not once I felt being pressured by a sales pitch.  In that trip, I saw one that we would love to call home.  I decided to purchase it within 24 hours and signed the contract.
Since my first experience in dealing with Tina was so pleasant and easy, I asked Tina to show me more properties within that month.  She found a perfect old house for me to purchase off the market as I love doing renovation improvement as an investment strategy.  Tina knows how to look for a fair price for both Vendor and buyer to agree on, cut out those time wasting negotiations and unnecessary auction sales.
I would recommend Tina to anyone who is looking to buy in Templestowe and its surrounding areas.  She is definitely the go to person based on her extensive knowledge, patience and connections.
Kind regards
Eric Hsu
243 Williamsons Road, Templestowe